Travel conditions

Recruitment type travel contract

This trip is sponsored by Sasebo Pearl Sea Co., Ltd. You will enter into a Recruitment Planned Travel Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Travel Agreement”) with us. In addition to the conditions and conditions described for each course, the terms and conditions of the contract, the following conditions, a final document (final travel itinerary) to be given before departure, and a section of our travel contract It depends.

Travel application and contract conclusion

  1. Fill out the application form with the required information and submit the application with the application fee.
    The application fee will be treated as part of the “travel fee”, “cancellation fee”, and “penalty fee”.
  2. The Company may accept applications for travel contract reservations by telephone, mail, facsimile or other communication means (hereinafter referred to as “telephones, etc.”). In this case, you must submit the application form and application fee within 3 days from the day after the Company notifies you of the acceptance of the travel contract reservation by telephone. If you do not submit the application form and application fee within this period, we will treat it as if you did not make a reservation.
  3. The travel contract shall be concluded when the Company accepts the conclusion of the contract and receives the application fee.
  4. Application fee
    • [Travel price] less than 10,000 yen
      [Application fee] 3,000 yen
    • [Travel price] less than 30,000 yen
      [Application fee] 5,000 yen
    • [Travel price] less than 50,000 yen
      [Application fee] 10,000 yen
  5. In the case of a telecommunications contract, please refer to the separate travel business agreement.

○Payment of travel price

The payment must be made before the 14th day, counting from the day before the departure date. However, if you apply 14 days or earlier, you will be required to pay by the date specified by our company.

Application of travel price

Those who are 12 years old or older are charged for adults, and those between 6 and 12 years old are charged for children.

Included in the travel price and not included


Transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, meal charges, handling charges, consumption tax, etc. specified in the travel itinerary.

[Not Included]

Excludes travel expenses, meals, cleaning, telegrams, telephone charges, additional food and beverage expenses, etc. other than those specified in the itinerary.

Change of travel contents・Cancel of travel

The Company will suspend travel services if it is not possible to implement the travel day trip specified for reasons such as natural disasters, riots, transportation, provision of travel services such as lodging facilities, orders from public offices, etc. , May change itinerary.

Cancellation fee

  • [Cancellation Date] 21 days before
    [Cancellation fee rate] free
  • [Cancellation Date] 20 days~8 days before
    [Cancellation fee rate] free
  • [Cancellation Date] 7 days~3 days before
    [Cancellation fee rate] free
  • [Cancellation Date] 2 days before
    [Cancellation fee rate] 20%
  • [Cancellation Date] departure date
    [Cancellation fee rate] 80%
  • [Cancellation Date] after the trip starts or no contact
    [Cancellation fee rate] 100%

*The cancellation date will be calculated from the day before the travel start date.

Our responsibilities and disclaimers

  1. In fulfilling the travel contract, if the Company intentionally or negligently damages the customer, the Company will compensate the customer for the damage.
  2. Regardless of the provisions of this paragraph, the damages in this paragraph (1) caused by baggage, if notified to us within 14 days from the day after the occurrence of damages,per person we will compensate up to 150,000 yen.

Customer responsibilities

If the Company suffers any damage due to the intention or negligence of the customer, the customer shall compensate for the damage.

Special compensation

Regardless of whether or not the Company’s liability in the preceding paragraph (1) arises, the Company shall, pursuant to the Travel Business Agreement (Recruitment Planning Travel), accidentally and suddenly cause an outpatient accident while the customer is participating in the Recruitment Planning Travel. We will pay compensation and exemption for certain damages to our lives and body, and we will pay compensation for damages to baggage.

Other / Base date

  1. These travel conditions are based on April 1, 2013.
  2. The terms and conditions of the contract of the customer participating in this trip are based on the Company’s “Travel Business Agreement (Recruitment Planned Travel Division)”.

Please ask the staff for detailed contents and recruitment type travel agreements.