Does the ship sail on rainy days?

In case of a light rain, sail. In case of rain or storm, the captain decides to cancel the previous evening or the morning of the day.

Can I get a seat?

Pearl Queen has 118 seats in the 280-member garden and Mirai has 122 seats in the 200-member garden, so not everyone can sit. Relaxing cruises and Yachts are available in the garden.

Can I buy a ticket in advance?

It’s a ticket at the ticket office on the same day. You can buy a discount ticket service, such as a 7-ticket

Can I make a reservation?

Pearl Queen and Mirai have only 15 or more group guests booked. Relaxing Cruises, yacht sailing and kayak can be reserved for up to one person.

Can I pay by credit card or electronic money?

You can pay by credit card. Electronic money is responding with ID and WAON.

About lost articles

During business hours, it is stored at the cruise counter, but after the end of the business, it is stored at the head office. For more information, call 0956-28-4187.

Can I smoke on the boat?

All ships are designated as non-smoking.Please understand.

Can I keep my luggage? Do you have Coin rockers?

100 yen has a return coin locker (large and small size).Please visit the cruise ship ticket office for items that do not fit in the coin lockers.

What kind of things are being sold at ship stalls such as Pearl Queen?

Soft drinks, beer, ice cream, snacks, and gifts are available.
※Only drink vending machines on Mirai.

Is it possible to eat (carry the lunch box, etc.) in the boat?

You can bring in food at Pearl Queen, Mirai, Relaxing Cruises, and Yachts.

Can I put my pets on board or keep it?

Pets in dedicated cage can be used for the Kujukushima cruise ship Pearl Queen and Mirai. You can’t use a small cruise ship even if it’s in a cage.

Is it possible to take pictures and video pictures?

Photographs and videos are available on all ships.

Can I board with a wheelchair?

Pearl Queen and Mirai are allowed on board for Barrier Free response. There are also elevators and multipurpose toilets on board.

Do you have wheelchairs/strollers rentals? Do I need a reservation?

It’s on a first-come-first-served basis at the cruise ship ticket counter. We don’t accept reservations in advance. We don’t have a stroller rental.